FinMarket provides best-in-class, highly customizable online marketplace technology for the global financial services industry. In today’s world, organizations of all types and sizes are challenged with streamlining their operations in order to provide better, faster, smarter financial solutions to their customers online. From customer acquisition to product matching to tracking and reporting, our highly secure, sophisticated, patent-pending technology solutions are the gold standard of the financial marketplace ecosystem. FinMarket is a fintech company based in New York and now we are launching the same services in India under will provide marketplace solutions in a timely, cost-efficient manner while ensuring the highest quality of technology and client support.

What do we do?

FinMarket plans to be India’s best platform that connects borrowers to multiple lenders in just a few minutes. Our service consists of a wide variety of solutions including personal loans, home loans, car loans, bike loans and credit cards.

FinMarket will give you helpful comparative insights in terms of the loan offer amount, EMI, loan term, interest rates, and processing fees from multiple lenders. Our platform will provide easily comparable and time-efficient options to borrowers.

How it works?

1. Fill in your information:
Take a few moments to complete our loan inquiry form with some basic information. We've standardized this form so you need to fill out only one form.

2. View your rates:
Once you have submitted your information, you can see the rates and terms from different lenders.

3. Choose your best offer:
Choose offers from among the top lenders that have already pre-qualified you based on your information.

4. Get your money:
Your information goes with you to the lender of your choice where you can complete the final steps and review loan terms. Funding can occur within one day!

How We Add Value?

Navigating the world of loans and financial products can be intimidating. Banks and other financial companies are constantly developing new products and changing terms of existing programs. Likewise, people's needs change over time as do their credit scores and profiles.

The pace of change is fast and FinMarket helps you stay current on the best products from top lenders that meet your changing needs.

Set up an account with FinMarket and we'll keep you informed about products that may be of interest for your unique situation.

We have brought together top lenders offering many product types on our online marketplace.

FinMarket’s platform provides quick and easy access to the best products and empowers you with comparison tools that help you decide which products are the best fit.

Why apply with

One Platform, Many Lending Partners

Instead of filling out multiple applications with your data, use to access top quality lenders in a matter of minutes!

Real Time Pre-qualification

All of our lending partners will be using the latest technology to return pre-qualified offers in a matter of seconds. You save enormous amount of time.

Quick Funding

Our lending partners will have the ability to fund in as little as one day. Get the funds you need in a hurry!